Top Reasons Why Men Need Separate Skin Care Routine

No one is too macho for skin care and yes, we’re looking at you, dude. Healthy skin gets the girls and

according to a 2012 study, guys with healthier skin colour are more attractive than those with a masculine face (translation: rough and oily). Now there are guys who just borrow their wife or girlfriend’s facial products, but this is actually not enough. A man like you needs a skin care routine of your own and here are the reasons why:

  1. Your skin is oilier – this is probably the main difference between male and female skin. Because of testosterone, a man’s skin produces more oil, which makes them more prone to skin problems. Facial washes made for men clean deeper and provides less moisture compared to women’s facial products.

  1. Your skin is thicker – a man’s skin is 30% thicker than a woman’s due to more elastin and collagen content. This makes your skin more effective in warding off harmful UV rays. It doesn’t mean you can skip the sun block and moisturizer. You just need to use products that are tailor-made for men’s skin.

  1. You shave almost everyday – frequent shaving makes skin prone to razor burn, rashes, irritation, ingrown hairs, and acne. To prevent skin problems, you need to use shaving cream, aftershave colognes, and toners.

  1. You hate girly smell – unless you actually enjoy smelling like candy and roses, you need products that have a manly scent.

Men also need to pamper themselves when it comes to skin care. Created Beautiful has just what you need for clear and healthy-looking skin. Call 0422 480 098 for booking our beauty salon located in Kingston. One of the best in Canberra!


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