Lip Fillers 101: Find Out What’s Best for You

A set of sexy, plump lips is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedure these days and lots of women are willing to shell out considerable cash just to have Angeline Jolie lips. Before you set up an

appointment with your surgeon, it’s better to read up and find out the different types of fillers used to

achieve the perfect pucker that you’re after.

  1. Artecoll – a synthetic material that may bring a higher risk of allergic reaction, but it lasts longer than fat or collagen injections.

  2. Autologen – made of collagen extracted from somewhere in your body, so there’s no risk of allergic reaction. Results are temporary though, so this may not be the filler for you if you’re already looking for a long-term solution.

  3. Collagen – normally extracted from cows and there’s risk for allergic reaction. The filler will last from four weeks to six months. The doctor will have to perform a test dose to make sure you won’t have a negative reaction.

  4. Dermalogen – this comes from collagen extracted from deceased donors. As awful as it sounds, it’s safe and your body should react just fine to it.

  5. Fascia – connective tissue is harvested from your body or a deceased donor. It can be injected or surgically implanted to your lips. This is good for only a year since your body will reabsorb the ingredient by then.

  6. Fat – it will be extracted from your abdomen or thighs and injected to your lips. This can be a permanent fix and there are no allergy risks. This can be also implanted surgically.

  7. Restylane – a clear gel that contains hyaluronic acid, which your body will absorb within six months. It’s biodegradable and perfectly safe. If you prefer this kind of lip filler, then let Created Beautiful do a safe and effective augmentation on your lips.

If you have questions on the best type of filler for your lips, just call Created Beautiful at 0422 480 098

for bookings and consultations. We provide lip augmentation, and permanent cosmetic tattoo in our beauty salon in Kingston, Canberra, as well as other high quality cosmetic services.

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