Eyebrows Through the Years and Who Wore Them Best

If I have to leave the house in a hurry and have time for just ONE grooming task, I will spend it on

shaping my brows. The importance of keeping eyebrows groomed is usually underrated, but women

should take notice how expertly-drawn brows can transform the face dramatically. Before you book for eyebrow waxing anywhere in Canberra, take a look at how eyebrows have evolved through the years and how they have contributed to the looks of style icons. This can help give you an idea on how you will want your brows done at the salon.


Style icon: Clara Bow

Extensive plucking was the rage back then, making extremely thin and straight brows the norm. Slender brows were made shinier by using Vaseline or petroleum jelly. Silent film star Clara Bow had the perfect slender brow during that time.


Style icon: Jean Harlow

Shiny, severely tweezed brows were still the look but with high, rounded arches instead of straight lines. Watch Jean Harlow films (we highly recommend Hell’s Angels) and check out her thin, curved brows.


Style icon: Lauren Bacall

Barely-there brows were replaced with heavier brows and more prominent arches. This is the start of the Old Hollywood eyebrows that we know of, ones that are perfectly matched with cherry red lips.


Style icons: Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn

Eyebrows pencil is used generously to make brows bolder and more pronounced. Look at pictures of Liz, Marilyn, and Audrey during their heyday and take note of how their brows defined the features of their faces.


Style icon: Sophia Lauren

She shaved her brows off completely and then used pencil to draw striking lines using short and precise strokes. This made her brows the most prominent ones in that decade.


Style icons: Lauren Hutton, Brooke Shields

The 70s is the start of the era in which people are more comfortable growing their hair. Tweezers were set aside to let brows become natural-looking. Bushy brows became prominent especially in the 80s, with Brooke Shields sporting thick, ungroomed brows. Brow powders and pencils helped achieve the dishevelled look favoured during those years.


Style icons: Pamela Anderson, Drew Barrymore

The 90s were not kind to the eyebrows, with cover girls Pamela and Drew rocking super-thin and over-

tweezed brows. It makes the face look perpetually-shocked, which only very beautiful women can pull off.


Style icon: Cara Delevingne

Healthier-looking eyebrows are back, thanks to celebrities like Cara who show up at events with thick and lush brows. More products are introduced to the market to achieve dramatic eyebrows.

Let an expert guide you on getting the best brows for your face. Head down to our beauty salon, Created Beautiful for professional services such as permanent cosmetic tattoo or eyebrow waxing in Kingston, Canberra. Call (02) 6295 7331 for bookings or visit our website.

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