Do it Yourself Foot Spa

Give your feet a break as it deserves it since your feet abides to whatever you ask it to do. Hold off that shoe shopping though and give your feet a foot spa at home.

Prepare a tub where you can comfortably rest and soak your feet. For your soaking solution, dissolve 1 part Epsom salts and 1 part baking soda to a gallon of warm water. For an additional aromatherapy, add few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Dip and soak your feet, you can let it sit for 15 -20 minute or you can choose to wait it out until the water gets cold. The water and Epsom salt has soften any hard skin and loosen dead skin, now it is easier to scrub it by means of loofah or a pumice stone.

Exfoliate your feet with a sugar scrub; it is just a sugar and oil concoction you can make in advance.

Wash the sugar scrub away. Now, it is time to seal in moisture by liberally applying your favourite lotion or moisturizer to your feet.

Alternatively, let the experts do it! Come and visit us at Created Beautiful in Shop 10, Andrew Arcade 42 Giles St., Kingston, ACT. ​We offer a wide range of services specialising in Nail and Foot Spa. Book now at (02) 6260 8185

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