The Many Uses Of Coconut Oil (Part 1)

Every part of coconut has its use. This is why coconuts are referred as tree of life. It has amazing properties that can benefit our hair and skin. Coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties; it is also an effective moisturizer. Coconut is not only useful in cooking but it can be used in our daily activities.

Make-up remover

Coconut Oil makes a natural make up remover. Slightly damp a cotton ball with coconut oil, and gently wipe your face and lips, instantly removes stubborn eyeliner and mascara.

Massage Oil

Coconut Oil stays longer on the skin because it doesn’t get absorbed immediately, it allows your more time for a rub down without feeling overly oily, plus it also has a great smell.


It is a great moisturizer because coconut oil is laden with fatty acids that help trap moisture into the skin. Hello dewy, soft skin!

Tanning Oil

Bring some coconut oil to the beach and generously spread coconut oil to your body, say no to store bought tanning oils.

Shaving Cream

Got an extra sensitive skin? And would want a smoother shave? Coconut Oil has antiseptic qualities that help protect you skin while you shave.

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