Removing Facial Hair

Not all of us are blessed with a smooth face devoid of hair. Most of us require time and effort to get rid of facial hair.

Here are some different methods in removing facial hair.


Tweezers can be considered as a rite of passage for any adolescents. It takes no practice at all to maneuver a tweezers. Tweezers is also readily available and everyone can afford it. It can be a friend or foe, depending on one’s pain threshold. Just be careful not to include your skin in plucking out stray hairs. There’s no truth in the myth that hair plucked will grow back more thicker though one might have an ingrown hair fiasco. First time to use the tweezer? Try putting ice on the area before you pluck, this will numb the pain.

Facial Threading

If you really want it done right, go to a professional for this kind of service. If one can get easily irritated with hair removal products, this method could be for you. This is very inexpensive since it only needs cotton strings. The beauty technician removes excess hair and shaped eyebrows by twisting the cotton strings and pulling hair.


For hair to be removed, a hot or cold wax is applied over the direction of hair growth, and then a cloth is pressed on to the wax, pull the cloth upward and against the direction of hair growth. It can be traumatizing for a sensitive skin. Skin with be smoother for 3-4 weeks, waxing can also cause ingrown hair.


Epilator works by pulling out hair at the same time. This method can be painful.


Of course you can shave it off! Shaving cream also makes skin supple. It is not true that shave hair is darker and coarser. Shaving does cause bumps and hair ingrown.


Bleaching is perfect for anyone who cannot stand any pain. Bleaching is just lightening hair making it less noticeable. It is not be advisable for sensitive skin.

Laser Removal

The laser light destroys the root of the hair causing it not to grow back. It does lessen hair growth.

Alternatively, let the experts do it! Come and visit us at Created Beautiful in Shop 10, Andrew Arcade 42 Giles St., Kingston, ACT. ​We offer a wide range of services specialising in eyebrow threading and waxing. Book now at (02) 6260 8185

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