How To Have A "Spa Day" At Home

Got no time for a spa visit yet you badly need one? Have a spa day at the privacy of your own home. Here's how to achieve it.

Prep your post

Turn off the lights and light up your bathroom with scented candles. Download some soothing tunes that will accompany you during your bath or you can bathe in solitude. Prepare the beverage of your choice, may it be a wine, refreshing warm green tea or a hot coco.

Fill your bath

For a rejuvenating and detoxing bath, drop 5- 10 green tea bags to your warm bath while the water is running.

Body Scrub

Is your skin is looking dull lately? Create your own body scrub that is gentle on the skin and devoid of any chemicals.

Mix the following ingredients found in your cupboard

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup raw oatmeal

1 cup olive oil

While you are dry, gently scrub the concoction into your skin, do a circular motion in massaging the scrub to your skin. Since this has oil, be careful while in the bath for it can be slippery.

Hair Mask

Use a clarifying shampoo to remove product build up in your hair, and then deep condition your hair and wrap it with a warm towel.

Foot Wrap

Wrap your feet in a warm towel for about 10-15 minutes. This will soften dead skin and callous and will easily eliminate dead skin thru scrubbing.

Cold Water

Shower in cold water as cold water closes up pores and will make your hair ultra-shiny.

Want to give yourself some TLC? Come and visit us at Created Beautiful in Shop 10, Andrew Arcade 42 Giles St., Kingston, ACT. We can help you de-stress and make you feel more beautiful and rejuvenated. We offer body massage and nail and foot spa. Book now at (02) 6260 8185

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