Work Out That Face!

One will resort to a workout because one would like to lose weight or to have a firmer arms or abdomen. But did you know that your face can also benefit from a work out?

By doing Facial Workouts it will help make tighter, fuller and plumper skin. It can also stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Another benefit of a facial workout, since there is now an increase of activity in face, will be an improvement of the blood circulation in this area.

Facial Exercise # 1 – The Fish Lips Exercise

Suck your cheeks with your lips puckered. While your lips are pursed together, smile as much as you can while relaxing other parts of the face. Hold it for ten second s then rest. Repeat three times more.

Suck you cheeks again and instead of puckering up; pump your cheek muscles up and down 12 times while your cheeks are still sucked in.

Facial Exercises # 2 - The Kiss Face Exercise

Pout you lips and smile as much as you can while lips are pouty. Hold it in for 10 seconds then rest. Repeat three times. Pout again and smiles as much as you can, hold it in for 10 seconds and pump your cheek muscles up and down, do this 12 times.

Facial Exercise # 3 – The Whistler

Form an O shaped in your lips like your about to whistle. Smile as much as you can while retaining the O shape with your lips, hold it for 10 seconds, rest and repeat three more times. Repeat step one and pump cheeks up and down while lips is in O shape, do this 12 times then relax.

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