Beauty Products Expiration Date

There is a sense of accomplishment seeing your beauty products hoard. Palettes of eye make ups, collection of lipstick, each color for every mood and occasion. Different kinds of mascara and eyeliners, the list goes on. But before you head out to your favorite shop and load your shopping cart with beauty products, you are forgetting that beauty products have expiration dates.

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Yes, beauty products have a life span. Someone has to say this: eventually you will have to throw it away. Using expired beauty product may cause myriad of skin problems. For lotions, sunscreen and skin care products that has expired, it loses its efficacy.

How long should you be keeping your beauty products?

2 to 3 months


Face peels & mask

Acne pads

Nail file


6 months to 1 year

Liquid eyeliner

Liquid foundation


Acne creams & washes

Eye cream

Face wash


1 to 1.5 years

Lip gloss

Cream eye shadow

Face cream in a jar


Bar soap

Shower gel

Eyebrow gel

2 years

Lip and eye pencils


Nail polish

Powder eye shadow and blush

Powder foundation

Body lotion and scrubs (jar)

3 years

Shampoo & conditioner

Body lotion (pump)



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