What Does Your Pimple Say About Your Body

Ahh! You thought you have outgrown pimples and no matter what you do, it keeps coming back. Maybe these pimples are not hormone related and it is now time to take a closer look at your daily routine. Here’s a breakout map that might keep pimples at bay.

Area 1 and 3

Pimples on these are area are related to bladder and digestive system. It might be that these area are congested. Drink more water and add wholefood and fiber to your diet.

Area 2

Outbreak on this area is related to your liver. Keep your liver healthy by not overindulging with alcohol and oily food. It also possible that you are allergic to any milk products.

Area 4

Pertains to your ears. According to chinese medicine, having breakout on these areas might mean that you are not hydrating very well and not emptying your bladder as often as you should be. Increase fluid intake and take those bathroom trips more frequently.

Area 5 and 9

Breakout on the cheeks may mean your respiratory system is under distress. Smokers and people prone to allegies may have fine, broken capillaries on the nose area.

Area 10, 11 and 14

Pimples pop in these area if you just had extensive dental work.

Area 12

You would sometimes know that is the “time of the month” when you having breakouts on the chin. Pimples on the chin may mean hormonal imbalance due to stress or any factors.

Area 13

Care for your neck like you care for your face. An often neglected area, neck should have the equal spotlight as your face.

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