Make-up's Best Kept Secret

Make-up has evolved a great deal since Cleopatra learned how to make a tight line. Thanks to technology and internet (Youtube hey!), everyone knows Make-up Basics 101. Below is a compilation of what we think is Make-Up's best kept secrets.

Tips on how to be your very own Makeup artist.

  • Want your foundation to last all day? Do the following steps:

  • Start with a clean face and moisturize.

  • Slather primer all over your face.

  • Brush face with loose powder, if you have dry skin, you may skip this step.

  • Apply foundation using your hands. If skin tends to be oily, brush the T –zone of your face with loose powder.

  • Fake a long lash by brushing baby powder on to the lash before applying mascara.

  • Want a flushed cheeks look natural? Don’t pinch those cheeks instead add blush to cheeks before applying foundation. It will look that glow came from within.

  • For a curvier lashes, heat up your curl lash by using a hair blower, gently pull you eyelid upward while curling your lashes, pinch the lashes for 30 seconds and give it 2- 3 pumps before removing lash curler.

  • Trick for a slimmer looking nose bridge, it will depend on how your eyebrow are set apart, if it is too far apart, it will appear that you have a wider nose bridge. If eyebrows are set just right or are closer together, it will give you the illusion of a narrower nose.

  • Learn to tight line your eyes. It does make a difference when you darken the roots of your lashes.

  • Ran out of oil blotting paper? Save those napkins from your favorite coffee shops and restaurant. Cost you nothing and still as good as that expensive oil blotting paper.

  • Before applying make – up, rehydrate yourself with water. You will find that make up “sticks” better if you are well hydrated.

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