What Is Botox?

Genes, environmental factors, stress can take a toll on our bodies. As much as we would like to hide the effects, it can easily be distinguished on our faces, it the form of the following: wrinkles, sagging, folds, frown and laugh lines and crow’s feet.

Thanks to the help of modern science, prolonging one’s youth is within every one’s reach. There is Plastic Surgery, but for people who want far less invasive procedure – Botox is your answer.

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Botox has been around for almost 200 years but it was during 90’s, when an Ophthalmologist noticed that her patients improved appearance and were wrinkle free after they had their Botox injections. After further testing and studying, Botox usage went off the charts and it actually ran out of stock – only for a short time.

Tiny amount of Botox is injected on the selected area, Botox temporarily paralyzes muscle activity and this result presents on the skin as smooth and wrinkle free. Visible results can be fully seen within 3 to 5 days; however it can reach up to two weeks to see full results. Depending on the individual, Botox can last up three to six months. Botox is also effective for patients with hyperactive sweat glands.

Botox is very favorable than any surgical procedure because it has shorter recovery period, less painful and less wait time to see significant improvement. Imagine the boost of confidence upon getting those complements on how young you look and no sweating out of your shirt. You will not longer be embarrassed to shake and hold, with your now, dry hands.

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